On August 12, 2016, 26 men rededicated themselves to the task of "Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor," when The Newnan Fairburn (GA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated was chartered. The Newnan-Fairburn Alumni Chapter was chartered with the mission of establishing a highly effective and efficient chapter while upholding the NFAC motto of “Brotherhood First.” 


The realization of the NFAC dream was brought to fruition by Brother Larry E. Satterwhite Sr., who served as the 1st Polemarch of NFAC. The charter of the Newnan-Fairburn Alumni chapter was approved by the 33rd Grand Polemarch, Thomas L. Battles, Jr., who made a point to be present at the chartering ceremony along with the 26th Southeastern Province Polemarch, E. Delane Rosemond, ESQ, and Senior Province Vice Polemarch, Brian Mock, in the Fellowship Hall of St. Smyrna Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia.


The chartering ceremony was also witnessed by the Grand Chaplin, Gregory K. Blue, Senior Kappa Affairs Chairman, John L. Stewart, Jr., representatives from the Metro Atlanta Coalition of Kappas (M.A.C.K) and brothers from throughout Kappa Land.


The 26 Achievers are as follows:


Larry E. Satterwhite, Sr. MBA - Polemarch
Anthony C. Jones - Vice Polemarch 
Brannon T. Jones - Keeper of Records
Jhamare A. Hartsfield - Keeper of Exchequer 
Therman M. Barnes, Jr. - Strategus
Gregory M. Colton - Lt. Strategus
Marvin A. Freeman - Reporter
Christopher Orr - Historian
Ceasar L. Allen - Board Member
Guy P. Fallen - Board Member
Donald E. Williams - Board Member
Michael J. Barnes - Guide Right Chairman
Alonzo Wood Jr. - MTA Chairman
Keith C. Hayes - Reclamation Chairman
Darryl Bowie - Past Polemarch

Donte P. Douglas - Past Polemarch

Brandon K. McMillian - Past Polemarch
Douglas M. Duncan

Alex G. Freeman

John B. Hall, Jr.
Vincent Morrell
Melvin J. Ogletree

Rory V. Richardson

Nathaniel Robertson, Jr.

Alvin K. Spencer
Martisse R. Troup


The first intake of NFAC came in Fall 2017, and consisted of 10 members:


Tevin D. Ensley

Maceo R. Henderson

Joseph Daise

Taiwan W. Perry

Marvin B. Cox

Shaquille D. Miller

Rev. Tamarcus T. Cook

Ronivek D. Martin

Paul B. Larkin

Donnie L. Davis


The motto of the Notorious Newnan-Fairburn Alumni chapter is, and forever will be, BROTHERHOOD FIRST!

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